Traveling Back Home from Mexico is Quick and Affordable

Traveling Back Home from Mexico is Quick and Affordable

If you’re working in Mexico, you may be eligible to get health insurance through the Instituto Mexicano de Seguro Social or IMSS. This is a system where the government, the employer, and the employee share the healthcare cost.

You get to learn Spanish

If you’ve ever wanted to learn Spanish, living in Mexico gives you the perfect opportunity to pick up the language. The only way to become fluent is to jump in and immerse yourself. It’s amazing what you can pick up through day to day life. Some ways to speed up your learning include:

  • Practice speaking with friends and people you encounter- Have a chat with grocery clerks, waiters, bartenders, and randoms you meet on the street. It may be kind of awkward at first but it is a free way to improve your speaking and listening skills. Most Mexican people are friendly and happy to help you learn.
  • Study independently with apps and audio courses-Duolingo and Memrise offer loads of free courses that you can do on your phone. As for audio courses, I recommend Language Transfer Spanish. This is, by far, the best audio language program that I have found and it is free!
  • Read in Spanish- Books, newspapers, magazines, menus, signs, etc. all help to improve your vocabulary.
  • Attend Spanish classes or hire a tutor- If you have room in your budget, this is the quickest way to learn. You could get one on one lessons with a decent teacher for around $10 per hour.
  • Watch TV and movies in Spanish- For beginners, children’s shows are great. They talk slow and use a limited vocabulary. As your comprehension improves, you can move on to watching some of your favorites in Spanish.

Mexico’s Climate is Excellent

The weather in Mexico is generally warm and pleasant year-round. In general, the weather is hot, dry, and desert-like in the north part of the country as well as the Baja Peninsula. Southern states and the Yucatan Peninsula are humid and tropical Much of central Mexico is at elevation and offers a mild spring-like climate. This is the case with Mexico City. Pleasant breezes help to keep coastal cities cool and liveable.

If you grew up in a cold climate like I did, you’ll love the weather in Mexico. No matter where in the country you choose to live, you won’t have to worry about enduring any more brutal snowy winters. No more getting stuck in the snow or shoveling the sidewalk.

This point really only applies to Americans and Canadians living in Mexico. Traveling back home to visit friends and family is fast and affordable when compared with other popular expat destinations like Southeast Asia or South America.

Budget airlines offer affordable flights between many major Mexican and American citie. For example, I have found flights between LA and Mexico City or Cancun for less than $100. Tickets to many major Canadian cities are affordable as well. The countries are very well connected.

Flights times between Mexico and the US or Canada are pretty short as well when compared to other expat destinations. Flying home takes just 3-6 hours rather than a full day. Plenty of direct connections are available as well if you’re traveling between major cities.

  • Viva Aerobus
  • Volero
  • JetBlue
  • AeroMexico

If I decided to live in another popular expat destination like Southeast Asia, for example, I couldn’t afford to visit home nearly as often. Round trip tickets between Asia and North America often cost over $1000. That’s not something that most expats can afford on a regular basis. Flights between the US and Asia takes over a day if you factor in layovers and the time change.

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