How To Write Funny Online Dating Questions To Girls On Tinder

How To Write Funny Online Dating Questions To Girls On Tinder

1. Ask a funny personality question.

A great way to start a conversation is asking a woman a personality question, but make it lite and fun. The sky’s the limit with this icebreaker. It’s a good idea to sit down, start writing, and brainstorming a few.

Get creative and think of a few approaches yourself. After you create your list, pick the best, and start messaging women.

  • What was your last dream about? What was I wearing? ??
  • Guacamole in burritos? Yes or no? and why is it a terrible idea. ??
  • If you won the lotto, what’s the first thing you would buy me? hahah

Pay attention to what I’m doing – I add a smiley face at the end of the message (or a “hahaha”), which shows I’m playing around.

2. Misspell a word purposely.

Another funny opener that works on Tinder is misspelling a word in your messages. You spell the word wrong purposely in a way that makes the woman laugh.

The key here is sending a second message immediately. The second message highlights what the misspelled word is. In the message above, I use “Ho” at the beginning of my icebreaker instead of “Hi.”

The example above is the message in it’s simplest terms. Even better is funnily replacing another word. Below I replace “boneless” with “bonerless” and the result speaks for itself.

You can come up with your funny options. For example, maybe tell a woman how you’re an avid “hooker” instead of “hiker.” Your creativity only limits you.

3. Ask for help because you’re in a fake contest.

One funny icebreaker I like using is asking a woman for her help. I make up some phony contest, but the contest is based on looks.

Here’s an example: “Hi (woman’s name), I nominated myself for Tinder’s sexiest man alive contest. Which of my photos should I use? I feel my main photo highlights my come hither smile. Agree? haha”You can see I’m making fun of myself. I’m showing confidence at the same time. It’s a potent approach that is fully flexible, as you can see below.

“I nominated myself for ‘People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive’ contest. Which of my photos should I use? If I win, we can split the prize money 60-40. That’s fair, right?”

4. Present desirable traits that point to you.

The next funny conversation starter for Tinder is asking a woman what she wants in a man. The key is presenting a list of desirable traits and pointing out that you have all the traits.

Step 2. Next, separate them into two groups. So, in group one, we use active and fun. In group two, we use intelligent and witty.

Step 3. Ask a woman which of the two groups she wants in a guy, BUT (and this is important), write how you’re a guy with all the traits you list.

Here’s the message: “Hi (woman’s name), what are you looking for on Tinder? A guy who is active and fun? Or a guy who is intelligent and witty? Or a guy like me that has all these traits? :-)”

You see why it works above. You’re playing around. Note how I add a smiley face at the end, showing I’m not sending a serious message.Misspelling words on purpose can be an effective icebreaker

5. Ask for how to find a woman of substance.

I love this approach because it’s clever and works well. You’re going to ask how you meet someone “of substance” because you only receive messages because of your good looks.

This message is great because you are complimenting the woman’s looks too, but not directly. You’re also showing confidence in a humorous way, pointing out that you’re attractive, but in a joking way.

You can use this as a basis for the message: “Hi (woman’s name), you clearly suffer the same problem as me. How can I meet someone of quality who goes beyond looks? I must get 20 messages a day from women who tell me how ‘hot’ and ‘easy on the eyes’ I am. It’s a curse. Haha”

Final Thoughts

The majority of men on Tinder attempt starting conversations with weak icebreakersmon approaches include “hi,” “hello,” or “How are you?” You can stick with these if you want, but you’ll never get many responses from women.

A better approach is using funny online dating questions. You can copy the messages above or use them as inspiration to create your own. Heck, you can change them to your lifestyle.

Anything is better than the lazy approaches most guys use on Tinder. The messages on this post will improve your game.

Lastly, don’t forget the importance of your profile! Women will immediately swipe left if they see the common blunders, red flags, and attraction killing mistakes guys make on Tinder.

You can check your profile (and fix) mistakes you make with my Dating Profile Checklist. You can get it here: Dating Profile Checklist.

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