Dating for Men-4 Ways to Keep a Girl Interested in You

Dating for Men-4 Ways to Keep a Girl Interested in You

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How to choose a dating site

Ready? Let’s go. The first step is to decide which platform to download (localhookup com review). There are thousands of them. I try with Tinder, the most popular one, with over 50 million users all over the world. It is simple to use. I upload some photos, I write my age and name. Little information, almost nothing in the description. I set the age limits of the potential partner (30-55) and the range of action, 40 km. Tinder works a bit like a catalog of faces, and thanks to the GPS of the mobile phone it puts you in contact with those around. If you like the profile of the person you meet and she likes yours, click the ‘match’. And you can chat.


You’ve finally met a girl you think the world of and you don’t want to make any mistakes and lose her before the relationship even has a chance to grow. What things can you avoid in order to give this fledgling relationship a running start?

1. If you do everything for her, pay for everything, plan everything around her schedule and the things she likes to do, she will feel like she doesn’t have anything of hers invested in the relationship. A healthy relationship is give and take. If you do all the giving, she will eventually become bored. Here are some ways she can “invest” in the relationship and, therefore, give her more of a stake in making it last:

a. Let her do little things for you that you would do for her. A massage, picking up your dry cleaning when you don’t have time, helping you pick out the perfect gift for your Mom or sister-in-law, meeting you at a restaurant for dinner instead of expecting you to always pick her up.

b. Don’t always pay for everything yourself. Let her pay for dinner, the theater, and the taxi. Suggest that it’s her turn to take you out to dinner and let her surprise you with her choice. When she invites you over for dinner, don’t be shy about telling her the name of your favorite, expensive, wine and ask her to pick up a bottle for the dinner. You can bring the flowers.

c. If she is willing to spend time with you doing the things you like, even if she’d rather be shopping at the mall, she will think, subconsciously, that the relationship must be “deep” and she must really care about you if she shares your preferences instead of always expecting you to do the things she likes.

2. Sometimes a woman will find you interesting as long as you’re a challenge, when she isn’t sure of you. But, unfortunately, as soon as all doubt leaves her mind and she knows you are “hers” for the taking, she may lose interest quickly. It was the “thrill of the hunt” that made you attractive, not the catch. Granted, this type of woman may be shallow and you will probably be better off without her, but if she is really important to you, don’t commit too early in the relationship.

3. Don’t be “needy.” Most women don’t want a wimp that makes them feel that the future happiness of the man is completely in their hands and, if they leave the relationship, the man will be devastated. This is a responsibility most women don’t want.

4. If your family lives close by, mention them from time to time so she is aware of their existence, but don’t be in too much of a hurry to drag her over to meet them. In fact, it would be good for her to suggest that she meet your siblings or parents when she feels comfortable doing so. Also, for a first meeting, a dinner out at a restaurant would probably be better than dragging her to a big family get-together where she will be inundated with tons of new people whose names she won’t remember anyway. Start small and slow.

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