This new results detail by detail significantly more than regarding your relationships between the twelfthcentury Klosterneuburg Cod

This new results detail by detail significantly more than regarding your relationships between the twelfthcentury Klosterneuburg Cod

As the has been depicted, however, the latest stemmatic dating out-of M, V and you will Z is simply nearer to H and you can L1 than so you can A beneficial, courtesy the latter being copied right from the newest Ur-MLA, while all kept exemplars result of ?, an extra backup

from inside the part step three.4., provided with the list of Salzburg archbishops inside the Cod. 100, and therefore excludes Eberhard, whose tenure began within the 1200. While the Cod. 388 is old palaeographically to circa 1230, brand new addition out of Eberhard regarding totally new Melk exemplar is expected, while the are happening throughout the involved Zwettl frequency. Attempting to describe the type of one’s template accessible to Lieb might be one of the aims from future look to your MLA alert into the current opportunity. One factor in this regard may be the probability of toxic contamination, a prospect raised by the Petersohn, who concluded that, if you find yourself Lieb copied their text message of the Vita Ottonis on the fresh Melk exemplar, new modifications the guy themselves then undertook tell you him to likewise have had usage of a different duplicate of your own MLA232. Section cuatro: Realization and you will achievement Poncelet’s office of enduring MLA exemplars into Cistercian and you may Benedictine twigs no longer is good. It looks very impractical you to Poncelet would have recommended this model had he previously access to the fresh Zwettl codices, which would are making clear the newest latter’s deeper textual distance so you can Yards and you will V in place of in order to H and you can L. The 2-method broke up Poncelet understood with regard to the 5 left manuscripts has been the product of one’s shared alternative readings of one’s H and you will L1, and this connected the second legendaries using their exposure and the around three most other exemplars consulted compliment of its lack. The commonality anywhere between A great, M and you will V in this regard expanded in addition to, because could have been shown, on Zwettl exemplar, and certainly will just be traced back into the preferred derivation off the newest Ur-MLA233. The fresh new remodeled procedure for sign proposed here paints an even more complex picture with regard to brand new part regarding monastic affiliation inside the brand new dissemination of your own epic compared to model envisaged by the Pon232 233

This discussing away from preferred, non-H otherwise -HL1 indication, because of the An effective, Yards, V and you will Z is well-illustrated because of the variae lectiones from the Vita Leonis IX, just like the indication from the Vita Mochullei show it commonality in the way it is out of An excellent, Yards and Z (V doesn’t have associated frequency); find n. 215 and you will appendix 3. As mentioned above, times also arise where An excellent will abide by H otherwise HL1 up against MVZ; age.grams. KRAUSE, Die Touler Vita Leos IX., p. 104 (e), p. 110 (p), p. 134 (h). These mutual readings again return to its well-known derivation out of the fresh Ur-MLA, as well as have area to the reliance out-of M, V and you can Z on a provided layout (?).

They have and shed considerable light on oft-talked about dating between your MLA and Windberg Legendary, and should inform future studies regarding the broad dilemma of the newest signal from legendaries into the Austria and you may south Germany between your later eleventh and late twelfth ages

celet. Only regarding the fresh new Heiligenkreuz and Lilienfeld exemplars is also a very clear partnership between one or two monasteries belonging to the same purchase be presented. The latest enough time-kept see you to L try a copy of H needs some improve, that it dependency now-being probable only in the example of the latest January in order to February level of the fresh Lilienfeld exemplar, into July to September point drawing generally, if you don’t solely, off a different theme. Brand new classic model of an effective motherhouse, in cases like this Heiligenkreuz, credit a manuscript so you can its daughter-house to the reason for transcription merely groups real throughout the matter of which unmarried Lilienfeld volume. Monastic affiliation looks if you don’t to not have played a serious character in the process of transmission, on the stemma codicum directing to specific themes with enacted between houses of the Cistercian, Benedictine and you may, almost certainly, Augustinian sales. The fresh MLA in this regard bears witness to help you associations along the monastic landscaping from Austria / Styria throughout the later twelfth and you may very early thirteenth centuries234. If the alert process can be said getting reflected otherwise, in reality, contributed to a thought of a great regionally defined monastic neighborhood try among the many secret issues of your current enterprise. The conclusion come to above, the collection of the MLA took place most of the opportunities within this Austria / Styria as opposed to outside, just like the got always been handled, stands for some thing regarding a finding in the field, effectively closure the latest violation between the collection and you may indication procedure and you can setting up this new streams with regard to the newest historical contextualisation regarding new collection. However, there is some facts pointing to help you Admont, it is not it is possible to at this stage to help you pinpoint the location of the MLA’s compilation within Austria / Styria. Stimulating the newest try to find the causes of the newest MLA also provides guarantee out-of bringing enlightenment in connection with this. 707 as well as the MLA features considerably longer all of our degree regarding the provide and you may provenance of one’s MLA. Plus illuminating the prehistory, this post also has welcome specific understanding as delivered to issue of your own collection’s lobby during the time following the initially revolution out-of transmission, insofar while the correct characteristics out of 234

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