My Ultimate Fleshlight Girls Review! (Updated for 2022)

My Ultimate Fleshlight Girls Review! (Updated for 2022)

The Fleshlight girls toy looks like a regular masturbator but with a twist. You see, the orifice has been molded from some of the most popular porn stars of this day and age. Lips, labia, the whole package is there. Since their release, they have become somewhat of a gold standard for male masturbation. So, if you are unsure which sex toys give you the most bang for your bucks (hehe), you can always count on the Fleshlight to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Because the number of Fleshlight girls models has risen to epic proportions, I have heroically and noble gone through each one of them to find the best one for your exact needs. And with this list, I hope you find the best pornstar Fleshlight that best suits your personality and takes your masturbation sessions to the next level.

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1. Stoya Destroya: Most Intense & Best Overall!

Stoya comes with the Destroya sleeve and measures 9.5 inches (25.5 cm) in length. The vagina orifice is molded from Stoya, an adult actress who has won several AVN awards .

Stoya Destroya has three pleasure chambers and is one of the most intense male sex toys you can buy today. It’s tough to describe the feeling when using this toy (you have to experience it). But I try my best:

First, you encounter three rings of bumps and notches that grasp your cock as you slide inside. Then you will enter the pleasure dome consisting of larger sharp nodes covering the surface from every possible angle. And when you thrust deeper, you encounter deep rows of fangs that create incredible pleasure for your penis head.

If you want to see how the product is like physically, or how it is used, please check out our unboxing and review summary video below:

Finally, after about six inches, the inner sleeve narrows down into a 3 inches ribbed texture, for a total of 9 inches of paradise.

Why I love this sleeve: Stoya Destroya is the most intense and best Fleshlight girl sleeve on this list, and she has given me a lot of pleasure over the years. The price tag is just right ($), and she is very durable. With proper care, she will last many years.

Any downsides? Well, if you’re a beginner, you should probably start with something less intense, for example, Eva Lovia below. Also, it’s a bit difficult to clean due to the complex texture.

  • Astounding texture variety.
  • Soft SuperSkin material feels super realistic.
  • Stimulating rings throughout its length.
  • You can use it for stamina training.
  • It tanks a lot of lube.
  • A bit challenging to clean.
  • Not beginner-friendly.

The best Fleshlight girl sleeve for most men is the Stoya Destroya primarily because it offers the most stimulation and intensity, combined with plenty of variances and tightness. Not surprisingly, this model is also one of the company’s absolute best sellers!

2. Riley Reid Utopia: The Runner Up!

The Riley Reid Fleshlight comes equipped with the Utopia sleeve, which some regard as a product for the real connoisseur. It features an inbers’ featuring ribbed textures and a super tight stimulation for your penis.

The 1st chamber has a reverse bell shape design and features 360 degrees shallow ridges. This pattern will give you a tremendous initial massage to your penis head. Next, the 2nd chamber has a narrow flap that extends into a broader section covered in 360 degrees bumps. The 3rd chamber is the longest, with the narrowest entry. This unique contrast in width, combined with the pleasurable ridges and bumps, creates a memorable and enjoyable stimulation for your penis. Finally, we have the 4th chamber featuring a deep 360 degrees ridged texture.

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